building Your Perfect Skincare wardrobe

We all have a clothing wardrobe. A collection of clothing we wear on our bodies according to the weather, how we feel the occasion etc.

Im here to tell you that you need a wardrobe for your skin as well. Yes. A skincare wardrobe. Hear me out, your skin is not the same every single day. Example, you may need more hydration because you drank a little too much the night before and you may be very dehydrated the next day. Or maybe your menstrual cycle is coming and you need to ward off an impending break out. In both instances, you want to have the products you skin needs at that given time.

Below is a list of recommendations of products that you may want to consider for your own skincare wardrobe.

Cleansers 2-3

  1. Cleansing Balm for night time double cleansing
  2. Water based cleanser use alone or as the 2nd step in a double cleanse
  3. Micellar water keep on hand after the gym or to refresh skin in the morning

Toners 2

  1. Exfoliating to removes dead skin cells and brighten
  2. Hydrating to give moisture

Serums 2-3

  1. Hydrating
  2. Brightening
  3. Firming (if needed)

Moisturizer 2

  1. Light textured for day or if you are oily or if the weather is hot/humid
  2. Rich textured when the skin is dry, weather is cold etc

Eye cream 1-2

  1. Eye cream that adresses fine lines, crows feet, hydration etc
  2. Retinol for brightening


Masks to treat specific needs

Retinol for anti-aging and brightening benifits

What are some of your Holy Grail Must haves in your Skincare wardrobes?

5 thoughts on “building Your Perfect Skincare wardrobe

  1. CE Ferulic is a must have for me 😍! Started out using a vitamin c serum by M61, used it for a few months. Then received CE Ferulic in a gift bag, and never looked back, that was 7 years ago 😄! I don’t see a noticeable difference with too many products, but I do with this one 😍!

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