my top 4 favorite sunscreens

I’ve always encouraged my clients to wear sunscreen on a regular basis. After working for a dermatologist and seeing the the damage that the sun can do, I doubled down on my stance. Years of not protecting skin with sunscreen can cause premature aging (leathery appearance, sagging, discoloration). Causes skin inflammation. And, in a worst […]

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6 week fitness Challenge

One of my goals has been to live a healthier life style through diet and exercise.I didn’t want to wait until the new year to make those changes, so I started a 6 week fitness challenge with Anytime Fitness in November. In the middle of the Holiday season…What was I thinking?? While it was challenging, […]

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My mom is a breast cancer survivor. She is in remission and doing better (she has other health concerns we are managing) but when she told me of her diagnosis I was so afraid and upset. I was so hurt because there was nothing I could do to take this illness away. I automatically thought […]


Facts On Face Fillers

As I age, I’ve noticed my nasolabial folds getting deeper and more noticeable, especially when I wear makeup. I didn’t like how it looked and I figured I can’t hide behind this mask forever. Plus I already have a bad case of naturally occurring RBF (Resting Bitch Face) So I decided to get try Juvederm […]

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The Joy of Cooking

The kitchen is my happy place. When I need to relieve some stress or if I’m feeling bored and I want to create something, that is where you will find me. Growing up its also where I would find my mother. I was stuck to her like glue. I just always wanted to be in […]

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