Clear + Brilliant complete skin Treatment

All my life I had to fight…against post inflammatory hyperpigmentation aka dark marks. Whenever I would get the smallest pimple, blackhead, blemish etc, after healing I’m always left with a reminder that it was there for months at a time. I must admit, my skin has definitely improved since becoming an esthetician some years ago, but I am ready to take my skincare treatments up a notch.
That’s why I decided to give the Clear + Brilliant Complete laser treatment a try.

The Clear + Brilliant Complete is a gentle yet effective treatment that uses fractional laser technology to help treat fine lines, texture, premature aging and improves pore size, discoloration and overall clarity. Most importantly its safe for ALL skin types and tones!

My Experience

After numbing my face for 15-20 minutes, my esthetician Arin proceeded with my treatment and surprisingly it wasn’t too painful due to the numbing. The area above my jaw line was a bit sensitive but it was nothing that was unbearable.

In the days following my Clear + Brilliant Complete treatment my skin was red and drier than usual. The texture was similar to sandpaper and over the next few days with gentle exfoliation the dry skin began to slough off.

Later that week, Arin did a dermaplaning(using a surgical blade to remove dead skin and vellus hair aka peach fuzz) treatment on my face. This step was optional but I’m glad I did because so much more dead skin was removed.

I’ve only received 1 treatment so far and am quite pleased with the results already. The biggest change I see is lightening of the hyperpigmentation and reduced pore size.

I plan on doing 2 more treatments to get the best results.(The best results are achieved with a minimum of 3 consecutive treatments) This is a great compliment to my regular facial treatments and I will continue to get them through out the year.

For any questions about Clear + Brilliant Complete ask in the comments!

Before and After Treatment #1

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