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facial oils

For Nourishing Healthy Skin As we move into the cooler months of the year, our skin needs to retain and maintain as much moisture as it can. One of the ways I achieve that is by the use of facial oils. Facial oils can be benificial to all skin types long as you select the […]

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How I fell in love with Fragrance

Picture it, the summer of 1989. I was a student in summer school for math. In my assigned desk I found a mini bottle of CoCo Chanel. OMG I was in love. prior to that I would just rub my wrist in the fragrance ads in my mom’s essence magazines. This was the beginning of […]

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Summer Skincare

There is so much more to summertime skincare than just wearing more SPF, or at least it should be. Yes the weather will be humid and hot, but you must protect your skin from congestion and increased sun exposure that can enhance hyperpigmentation ( melasma , PIH post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) Here are a few tips […]

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