Fragrance 101 Tips to find a scent you will love

I have so many friends who are interested in starting or expanding their fragrance wardrobe. In this post Im going to share some of my favorite tips on discovering and choosing new fragrance.

Learn what you like.

  • Join fragrance related Facebook groups to get reviews and learn about new scents.
  • Visit Department stores and boutiques and seek the help of sales people to help you get started in finding a scent.
  • Uses resources such as YouTube, Instagram, and Tick Tock to find Reviewers, Influencers and Enthusiasts to learn about fragrances you may like.
  • Use to learn the breakdown of fragrance notes, reviews, and articles about fragrances from around the world
  • If you’ve discovered some new fragrances you’d like to try and they aren’t available locally, order samples online. Some of my favorite sites to order samples are Lucky Scent, Twisted Lily, Krystal Fragrance, Muse Experiences and Perfumology Wear the samples multiple days so you can know how the fragrance develop and ensure it is a scent you will love.

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