So you want to be an esthetician

I never planned on becoming an esthetician. That all changed when my stress induced acne decided to return after working at a job I absolutely hated. At the time I was a makeup artist with MAC cosmetics as well as a fabric purchasing assistant at a local apparel company. The stress of the fashion job […]

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Simple Easy at home facials

Some people are beginning to venture back out into the world for personal care services. For those of us who aren’t ready to go to the spa for facials, I wanted to share a step by step routine on how to give your self a great facial at home. If you have products at home […]

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Benefits of a Professional Facial

Facials. Some think that they are frivolous and unnecessary but i’d like to share why they they are amazing for your skin and well being. Listed below are some Reasons why you should consider adding professional facials into your grooming regimen. Assessment of the skin -You get the one on one opportunity to have your […]

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Basic Tips on Fighting Maskne

Maskne isn’t a new occurrence to me. As an esthetician, its been common for me to treat healthcare workers(mainly operating room nurses) suffering from what we now call maskne for years. The technical term for maskne is “acne mechanica” it’s the result of friction against the skin causing inflammation and irritation and clogged pores. All […]

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