So you want to be an esthetician

Me as a student at Jean Madeline Cosmetology School in 2007

I never planned on becoming an esthetician. That all changed when my stress induced acne decided to return after working at a job I absolutely hated. At the time I was a makeup artist with MAC cosmetics as well as a fabric purchasing assistant at a local apparel company. The stress of the fashion job caused my college acne to resurface. After a dermatology appointment gone bad (the dr.’s bedside manner was trash). I decided I wanted to find a way to treat my acne without being on 6 prescription medications. I decided to quit my fashion job and go to cosmetology school to become an esthetician.

After researching local schools I decided to attend Jean Madeline Cosmetology school full-time. I was happy with my decision and was excited to attend classes. Class was always exciting because I enjoyed learning things that I actually had an interested in. Also, having the opportunity to get a facial almost every day was definitely a plus.

If this is a career you’ve been considering I encourage you to do it. The esthetics program isn’t that long and there is a huge demand for qualified licensed estheticians. Also, keep in mind that working in a local day spa isn’t your only option. You can work with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, on cruise ships, at resorts or hotels. You can become a trainer for skincare lines or an esthetics instructor. Don’t limit yourself. Below I am listing a few tips that will be helpful on your journey to becoming an esthetician.

  1. Research the school you wish to attend to make sure it is a good fit.
  2. Find a mentor that you trust and can help you along the way.
  3. Know that cosmetology school only teaches you want you need to pass the state board. The real learning begins once you start working.
  4. Invest in your craft and perfect it by taking post graduate courses staying and current.
  5. When looking for employment right out of school, consider working at a chain establishment. They have lots of customers so you can experience working with a variety of people and skin types.
  6. Research potential employers by checking out online reviews from Yelp, Google etc. Also go to the establishment to get a service so you can experience the business first hand.

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