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Brazilian Waxing for Newbies

Brazilian Waxes. Not for the faint of heart, but the results are so worth it. I strongly recommend getting a couple bikini waxes or a deep bikini waxes prior, to work up to a brazilian wax. I’ll never forget I had a client who’d never even gotten her brows waxed come in insisting on a […]

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Basic Tips on Fighting Maskne

Maskne isn’t a new occurrence to me. As an esthetician, its been common for me to treat healthcare workers(mainly operating room nurses) suffering from what we now call maskne for years. The technical term for maskne is “acne mechanica” it’s the result of friction against the skin causing inflammation and irritation and clogged pores. All […]

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Niche Fragrance Sampling for the Novice

I absolutely adore fragrance. Especially niche fragrance. Whats niche fragrance you ask? Well according to it is fragrance made by companies dedicated primarily to creating fragrance as opposed to scents from fashion houses, often called designer fragrance. They are often small artisanal fragrance houses that don’t make their scents readily available at mainstream retailers. […]

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The Wellness Refinery

Infrared Sauna. Tonic Bar. Wellness Market. Amazing. Nestled in the heart of Old City Philadelphia is where you will find The Wellness Refinery. Located on the ground floor is the tonic bar where the staff served a wide array of delicious herbal tonics and elixirs that will do your mind and body good. My personal […]

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Chronically Fly…

Hello. I’m Kimberly. I’m a retired makeup artist and current esthetician, reformed product junkie(kinda), perfumista and major foodie. I’m also an autoimmune warrior battling a chronic illness called dermatomyositis. It is a connective tissue disorder that causes inflammation within the skin and muscles.      My hope is to inspire you to still seek joy […]

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