Autumn is here and it was time for me to do a cleanse! I noticed I was feeling a bit sluggish, my skin was breaking out and I’ve also been feeling bloated. Over all I’ve just been feeling blah. I also just so happened to have a wedding to attend so I wanted to drop a couple lbs so this was the perfect time to do a cleanse. I’ll also share some other things you can do to cleanse and recharge your body inside and out. I am not a medical professional and I would advise to meet with your doctor to insure that this would be a safe thing to do.

I decided to try the JJ Smith 10 day Green Smoothie cleanse. I choose to do this particular cleanse because the instructions and smoothie recipes were easy to follow it also had a modified version which was less restrictive (which is what I needed) This modified cleanse consisted of 2 green smoothies and 1 meal. The smoothie recipes were very tasty and I appreciated the variety.

I am happy to report that this cleanse gave what it needed to give! I lost a dress size! I tried the dress I wore for my birthday and I was able to fit in it….with no shape wear! My tummy is defiantly flatter! This cleanse was just the boost I needed to motivate me to keep going with cleaner eating and even hire a new trainer to assist me in getting healthier.

Below are a few things you can do to help cleanse and recharge your body:

  1. Infared sauna sessions
  2. Juicing/Smoothies
  3. fasting
  4. drinking more water
  5. colonic irrigation
  6. exercise
  7. stop smoking and drinking
  8. getting adequate amounts of sleep
  9. dry brushing the skin
  10. eating clean healthy meals

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