The Joy of Cooking

The kitchen is my happy place. When I need to relieve some stress or if I’m feeling bored and I want to create something, that is where you will find me. Growing up its also where I would find my mother. I was stuck to her like glue. I just always wanted to be in her presence. I remember the kitchen being a sanctuary for her. Its was a place where she had praise and worship,listen to gospel music and pray. She would also create amazing meals for us nearly everyday. It was and still is the heart of our home.

My mother taught me the basics of cooking. I was her holiday sous chef, I started off just chopping all the veggies she would need for the meal. Later graduated to making a dish or two. After that, she gave me more and more dishes to be responsible for until I was doing the entire Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner!

Again while I learned the basics from my mom, I learned everything else by watching the food network, the cooking channel even PBS! When Pintrest became popular I would find and pin lots of recipes I wanted to recreate and I did so in my pastime. Currently I find inspiration and recipes from some of my favorite chefs such as Chef Resha, Angela Davis, and Kardea Brown just to name a few. These ladies and others demonstrate how easy it can be to create amazing dishes that taste amazing.

Since I began blogging I knew wanted to mesh 2 of my favorite things cooking and R&B music. Usually that’s what I’m listening to when I’m cooking and that’s how #quietstormcooking was created. Its featured weekly(every Sunday) on Chronically Fly’s instagram page. I get to share delicious dish while playing some tunes. I can truly saw its one of the highlights of my week because I get the chance to connect with you all and converse about what I made and in turn find out what you cooked for dinner. Its fun way to build community over something as simple as food.

What are some of your favorite dishes to make for dinner? Let me know in the comments section!

3 thoughts on “The Joy of Cooking

  1. I used to love cooking Sunday dinners per pandemic one of my favorite meals and a crowd pleaser was shredded Cuban beef over yellow rice and peas topped with sautéed onions and roasted red peppers. I also loved to make Brazilian cheese bread on the side. I look forward to returning to entertaining more family and friends with fun food dishes in the future


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