What Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day

As a kid, I can recall asking my mom what she wanted for Mother’s Day and the answer was always the same every year…PEACE AND QUIET! I never listened and would gift her some junk I made at school or a tacky little figurine from the mall. After asking some of my favorite mamas what they want for their special day, they want the same damn thing! Peace and quiet and time away from their kids!

Moms are so many things to so many different people and a plethora of hats. It’s essential for them to have time to reset and relax and they deserve it. Below I have listed a few ideas where moms can cut loose or relax away from their children.

Idea # 1

A chartered bus tour of multiple vineyards/ wineries in your area! Okay, I know this pretty specific because I’ve actually done this! A few years back a girlfriend of mine chartered a party bus and 15 of us visited 4-5 Winerys locally in Chaddsford, PA. We had the best time hopping from winery to winery getting drunk off multiple flights of wine safely. We ended the night at a cute restaurant out in that area and sung karaoke the entire ride back to the city. We had big fun! This would be such a fun idea for a girls day out or family or whoever as long as the kids aren’t present.

Idea # 2

A day trip to your local spa. If you are local in the Philadelphia tri state are of course I’m going to recommend Kari Skin duh because Im an esthetician there! But seriously, taking time to indulge in selfceare with facials, massage, pedicures, manicures, etc is soothing and renewing to the soul and what mama doesn’t need that.

Idea # 3

A staycation alone or with your partner in your favorite part of the city. Research the neighborhood you are interested in staying in and look to see if there are restaurants, attractions and nightlife near a hotel that you’d like to stay in. Two of my favorite neighborhoods in Philly to do that in are Old City and Rittenhouse Square. Both neighborhoods are walkable with plenty of hotels restaurants and shopping to choose from.

Mamas, show this blog post to your kids and partners and make sure they plan something nice for you next year!

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