Simple Easy at home facials

Some people are beginning to venture back out into the world for personal care services. For those of us who aren’t ready to go to the spa for facials, I wanted to share a step by step routine on how to give your self a great facial at home. If you have products at home that you absolutely love use them. If you don’t, research and see if your favorite spa offers virtual appointments so he or she can make suggestions on what products would be appropriate for your skin.

1.Cleanse skin with appropriate cleanser. Dry or mature skin try a creamy hydrating cleanser. Oily? Try a gel cleanser. Acne prone try a cleanser with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. (steaming the skin is optional before or during this step.)

2.Exfoliation.Both chemical or manual exfoliation loosen dead skin cells that cause dullness to the skin. When deciding about chemical exfoliation of the skin consider toners that use acids such as lactic (my favorite because its gentle yet effective), glycolic, salicylic and azaleic. For manual exfoliation choose a gentle exfoliant that used rice powder and enzymes as opposed to a rough gritty product what can cause micro tears to the skin. (I recommend manual exfoliation no more than 2-3 times a week.

3. Mask. Choose a facial mask based on the need of your skin. For dryer mature skin try a hydrating gel, sheet mask or something rich and nourishing. Oily or acne prone? Check out clay based or masks that contain sulfur.

4. Serums. Serums are great for targeted skincare needs. The molecules in serums are small so it is easier for them to penetrate the skin and do its intended job. Choose based on what it is that your skin needs.

5. Moisturizer and eye cream should be chosen based on your skin needs and/or the time of year. Texture is also something to consider when choosing your moisturizer.

Hoping these tips were helpful!

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