Basic Tips on Fighting Maskne

Maskne isn’t a new occurrence to me. As an esthetician, its been common for me to treat healthcare workers(mainly operating room nurses) suffering from what we now call maskne for years. The technical term for maskne is “acne mechanica” it’s the result of friction against the skin causing inflammation and irritation and clogged pores. All of that, coupled with moisture and humidity from sweat, oil and spit makes for the perfect environment for bacterial growth. Its like a petri dish.

I want to share a few tips on what you can do on your own to combat mild maskne. I recommend incorporating some of these tips into your daily routine.

* Use a clean mask on a daily basis. Have enough to rotate and cleanse with a mild detergent on a weekly basis. Or you can use a disposable mask.

*Choose a mask with an inner lining made from silk or cotton to reduce the amount of rough friction on the skin.

*Cleanse skin twice a day with a mild cleanser.

* Get facials, an esthetician can provide your skin with the treatments it needs to heal. Depending on what type of acne you have ie blackheads, whiteheads, pustules, papules etc. Your esthetician will help guide you on what skincare and tools will be most beneficial to you.

*Avoid wearing makeup on areas covered by the mask. This will only make maskne worst. Focus on your eyes! Get your brows on point. Explore fun new eyeshadow and eyeliner shades. Try lashes, strip or professional extensions.

*2-3 times a week use a detoxifying clay or sulfur mask to aid in clearing your skin

Lastly, if you see no change in your skin after adopting these practices for six weeks, go see a dermatologist. Best of luck.

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