The Wellness Refinery


Infrared Sauna. Tonic Bar. Wellness Market. Amazing. Nestled in the heart of Old City Philadelphia is where you will find The Wellness Refinery. Located on the ground floor is the tonic bar where the staff served a wide array of delicious herbal tonics and elixirs that will do your mind and body good. My personal favorite is the tahini buzz. It consists of banana, tahini, coconut yogurt, dates cold brew, oat milk and cordyceps (great for energy, anti aging properties and blood sugar regulation) 

The ground floor is where you’ll also find the the Wellness market where you can find a selection of beautifully curated  health and beauty products such as skincare, essential oils, supplements and bodycare products.

From there I traveled up to the 2nd floor to find my personal infrared sauna waiting for me. Some of the benefits of the infrared sauna are:


-Relief from sore muscles 

-Weight loss


-Improvement of skin

It was so inviting I got undressed hopped in the sauna and customized the chroma therapy light to further enhance my infrared sauna experience. I was in Heaven. Unlike traditional saunas, my breathing wasn’t stifled by steam and it was actually quite comfortable. If I had more time I could have drifted off to sleep. My experiences was so relaxing I could have floated home. The only thing they are missing is a car service that will take you directly home after your experience! I can’t wait to return.

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